Our company has set strict criteria and conditions that must be met for recruitment

The candidates must have:

  • Excellent mental ability and physical condition
  • No criminal record
  • Excellent appearance
  • Good education

Our company does not only provide security to our customers, but we are also an organized group which provides well trained staff.

Our company gives great importance in serving our customers with a highly organized group that provides security and the best trained staff.

Our staff is trained on safety and security, behavioral issues, as well as in handling firefighting equipment and First Aid. Their training is on-going in the handling of the available electronic and other equipment to be able to fulfill their duties and comply fully with the safety requirements of our customers.

All guards in our company possess the License Diploma profession on Law Number 125 (I) 2007 by the Chief of Cyprus Police.

Personalized solutions for every need

Contact us and let us know your needs. We will study them and according to the specific features of your premises, we will help you choose the ideal combination of security system.