With a high sense of responsibility, state-of-the-art equipment, innovative technologies and well-trained workforce, Ilarchos Security is committed to protecting your property by providing a comprehensive range of security services with tailor-made solutions to meet every need.


Security needs are changing. Door access control systems and keyless entry is becoming more common for property managers, building owners and even small businesses. Access control systems provide people secure and safe access to their buildings and interior offices.

To decide if you need an access control system, just read the reasons for purchasing one.

  • Remote access
  • Customizable
  • History records
  • Non-duplication
  • Security
  • Less expensive in the long run
  • Faster, safer than locks

The basic role of an access Control system is to keep unwanted guests out or not to gain access at critical areas. Remote access is a huge benefit, so individuals no longer must travel to location to unlock or lock doors, easily done remotely saving time and money. Also, access systems are customizable, so the manager can have higher limits than the employees, set the rights per individual to ensure the access level desired by the company.

At Ilarchos Security we believe that the combination of Security Systems and Access Control, gives you high quality Security and Safety. Using a card or access code or biometrical measures, do not allow to unwanted guests to enter. When they try to get in the building by another way, security alarm detects them force them to go away and report the event to you and to our 24/7 Central Video Monitoring Station

Personalized solutions for every need

Contact us and let us know your needs. We will study them and according to the specific features of your premises, we will help you choose the ideal combination of security system.